Network Vienna 1900 focuses on Klimt's family environment, the master's colleagues, his clients and his most important contemporaries. It also documents the places where Klimt worked, which are seen as the cradle of "Vienna 1900". Space is also given here to the places in Austria and abroad that inspired Klimt.

Spheres of Activ­ity

Around 1900, there was a palpable atmosphere of departure all over Europe, which led to a break with conservative traditions in the arts and culture. Vienna saw the founding of numerous institutions, artists’ associations, photographers’ unions, galleries and salons. These acted as the birthplace of Modernism which, in keeping with the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk, aimed at permeating all areas of life with art. Thus, even coffeehouses, cabarets and fashion salons became spheres of activity of the fine arts.

28 Spheres of Activity

Vienna Association, around 1900
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