Terms of Use

Scope, amendments

Your use of the Gustav Klimt Database (hereinafter also "GKDB") is subject to these terms and conditions. By registering for a user account and with each login, you declare that you agree to these conditions.

In the course of your use of the database, we collect and process personal data. Please refer to our privacy policy, which is available here.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use from time to time in order to take into account the feedback of users or changes to the services offered. You will find the date of the respective version at the top of the document.

Use of the database content

The use of the GKDB and its content is permitted exclusively for personal, non-commercial use and for scientific research purposes.

The use of the content for the purposes mentioned in is free of charge.

Any commercial use of the GKDB and the database content, directly or through resale, is prohibited.

We reserve the right to claims for payment of an appropriate user fee and/or damages in the event of use of the GKDB contrary to these Terms of Use, in particular for commercial purposes.

Rights to the database and its content

The producer and rights holder of the GKDB is the Gustav Klimt | Wien 1900 - Privatstiftung (in short: “Klimt Foundation” or “we”). The database is legally protected. It may not be copied, distributed, reproduced or made publicly available in whole or in part. The extraction and use of database content may only take place in accordance with these Terms of Use. 

All content of the GKDB (whether text, image, film or audio) is protected by copyright and/or ancillary copyright. Such content may only be used within the context of the GKDB for private, non-commercial or scientific purposes. Any other use requires the consent of the copyright holder indicated in the individual piece of content. Legal exceptions (such as reproduction for private use or for research purposes, scientific quotation, etc.) remain unaffected.

Image files from the Klimt Foundation's archives can be requested for publication or other forms of publishing via office@klimt-foundation.com. The request must be made in written form.

The Klimt Foundation does not act as an image agency and does not offer image files for sale via the Gustav Klimt database. The user is obliged to request permission for any exploitation of images that have been recorded, presented and provided with a corresponding image credit within the context of the database from the corresponding rights holders.

Please note: We ask for your understanding that written repro requests that do not concern the archive of the Klimt Foundation will not be processed or answered by the Gustav Klimt database team.

The electronically provided data records of the GKDB may only be saved on your own terminal device in the form of a PDF (data sheet) that can be generated in the database.

For each use, the copyright notices/credits must be reproduced exactly as they appear in the GKDB. Exceptions to this are noted separately in the respective content.

Registration and user account

The use of the GKDB requires a one-time registration. By registering, you enter into a contract with us, which is based on these terms and conditions.

You must provide all information completely and truthfully when registering. We are entitled, but not obliged, to check the information.

We are entitled to refuse registration without giving reasons.

You are not permitted to misuse or pass on personal access data to third parties.

The user account remains valid until it is terminated by you. Termination is possible at any time by sending an e-mail. In the event of termination, all data will be deleted from your user account. If the data is deleted, access to the "Research" area is no longer possible.

We reserve the right to delete the user accounts of persons who have not logged into the database for at least one year in the course of a deletion run. Deletion runs take place once a year.

Guidelines for citation from the GKDB

Content of the Gustav Klimt database that is to be reproduced in scientific publications must be cited by the user in accordance with current scientific standards. The Gustav Klimt database as a whole should be cited as follows:

German: Gustav Klimt-Database / Klimt-Foundation, Wien

English: Gustav Klimt-Database / Klimt Foundation, Vienna

Users are encouraged to cite datasets presented on the research platform using the general wording above, the respective permalink and the date of retrieval.

Liability and legal information

The website and database are regularly updated and maintained by us. Nevertheless, the Klimt Foundation accepts no liability for the use and constant availability of this website. The topicality, completeness and correctness of the content cannot be guaranteed.

The Klimt Foundation reserves the right to remove or change content from the GKDB for technical, editorial or legal reasons.

Links and references

The Klimt Foundation accepts no liability for hyperlinks set by users to the Gustav Klimt Database. It is not possible for us to constantly check the content of websites linked to at various points in the GKDB. We are not obliged to do so and accept no liability for the linked content.


Users are reminded that the Gustav Klimt database is explicitly a scientific research tool. The objects/archival materials contained therein on the research platform are not and will not be evaluated. The Klimt Foundation distances itself from any discriminatory, violence-glorifying and National Socialist content that some data records (transcriptions of autographs) may contain.

Final provisions

These Terms of Use shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law to the exclusion of the international conflict of law rules.

The place of fulfilment and exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with the use of the GKDB is Vienna Innere Stadt.

Status: 21.9.2022