L'Arte della Moda | The Art of Fashion

© Klimt Foundation, Vienna

The Museo Civico di San Domenico in Forlì in northern Italy spans a wide range of fashion trends in its current exhibition »L'Arte della Moda. L'età dei sogni e delle rivoluzioni. 1789 - 1968«, the museum spans a fascinating arc between the history of art and costume from the Ancien Régime to the second half of the 20th century. Around 300 exhibits show visitors the creations, which are often influenced by art and cultural history, but also by social events.

For this show, the Klimt Foundation is providing pieces of jewelry by Josef Hoffmann, made by the Wiener Werkstätte, a bathing dress from the »Schwestern Flöge« fashion salon and photographs showing Gustav Klimt in a painter's smock and Emilie Flöge in her own creations. The exhibits are presented in the context of contemporary paintings, creating an atmospheric overall picture. In addition, the black satin bathing dress, adorned with white spirals on the shoulders, is juxtaposed in the show with an evening dress embroidered with gold sequins from the Valentino fashion house. References to the art of Gustav Klimt, in particular his Stoclet frieze (1905-1911, privately owned), are clearly recognizable.

This exhibition is on display until July 2, 2023.