Record result for Gustav Klimt's Lady with fan

Gustav Klimt: Lady with a Fan, 1917/18, private collection
© Belvedere, Wien

Gustav Klimt: The Bride, 1917/18, Klimt Foundation
© Klimt Foundation, Vienna

After a ten-minute bidding battle, the auction of this painting, which, along with The Bride (1917/18, unfinished) from the Klimt Foundation's collection, is one of the artist's last works, was completed.

In 2021/22, the Belvedere Museum was given the unique opportunity to present this painting to the general public in a two-part special exhibition after more than 100 years. One focus was the juxtaposition with works from the artist's later period, such as Adam and Eve (1916-18, unfinished, Belvedere, Vienna) or the monumental painting The Bride. This also recontextualized the whereabouts of the unknown lady with fan and the young bride in Klimt's last studio at Feldmühlgasse 11 (formerly 9, Vienna-Hietzing), as documented by a photograph by Moriz Nähr. This presentation was supplemented by original detailed studies from Gustav Klimt's last sketchbook, which is also in the Klimt Foundation's collection. This gave visitors a profound insight into the genesis of Klimt's impressive last paintings.

It remains to be seen whether Lady with Fan will be made available to a museum again.