The famous artist Gustav Klimt is online

Moriz Nähr: Gustav Klimt with a cat in front of his studio in Josefstädter Straße, May 1911, Klimt Foundation
© Klimt Foundation, Vienna

The Gustav Klimt database is the first online portal that - in addition to the Art Nouveau painter's artistic oeuvre - also makes his private and public life visible within the artistic and socio-political network of his time. A special feature of this platform are also the first digital directories of Klimt's paintings as well as photographs and autographs by, to and about the artist. The complex data archive currently comprises more than 2,000 data records as well as illustrative text and image material and is being continuously expanded. The Klimt Database is thus the most important online source for research and investigation into Gustav Klimt and his time, in particular the "Vienna 1900" period.

With its extensive processing and commentary as well as precise indexes, the database is of interest to curators, academics and students as well as an information platform for people who want to find out more about the artist Gustav Klimt or the "Vienna 1900" period. The most important aim of the Klimt database is to present the connections and links in Klimt's work, life and environment in a bundled form for the first time and thus make new, noteworthy aspects accessible to the public.

In addition to ongoing updates and additions, work is already underway on the English version, which is due to go online in 2023. A complex exhibition index is also planned. In 2024, the "Paintings" research area will be expanded to include work commentaries and current provenances.