The exhibition directory of the Gustav Klimt database

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Friedrich Dörnhöffer (Hg.): Internationale Kunstausstellung Rom 1911. Österreichischer Pavillon, Ausst.-Kat., Austrian Pavilion (Rome), 27.03.1911–20.12.1911, Vienna 1911.
© Klimt Foundation, Vienna

In the research section of the Gustav Klimt database, the newly launched exhibition directory offers for the first time comprehensive, digital research options for exhibitions with works by Gustav Klimt. In a first step, all exhibitions from 1883 to 1945 at which original works (paintings, drawings and mixed media) by the artist were shown were recorded. The presentations from the post-war period to the present day are continually being added to.

The directory currently contains over 220 exhibitions, around half of which appear for the first time in a structured register. The newly included shows include participations in exhibitions abroad, at regional artists' associations, smaller gallery exhibitions and participations that do not appear in the official catalogs. In addition, through extensive research, works that could not previously be clearly identified were assigned to specific exhibitions. This was based on intensive research in archives and historical journals.

In addition to the most important exhibition data such as title, location, duration, exhibitor, literature and source information, the paintings presented are listed in the respective data record and linked to the corresponding object data record. An exploratory navigation option is also provided by linked, further and related content. Illustrative material additionally illustrates the exhibition facts.

This new feature on the Gustav Klimt database provides Klimt researchers with extensive knowledge and in-depth insights into the exhibition work of Gustav Klimt.